INTER-Mediator Directive Committee

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About INTER-Mediator and Who We Are

Call for Members

Our Missions

  1. Plan the future of INTER-Mediator, and make an announcement or document every half year.
  2. Publish the web sites of INTER-Mediator.
  3. Responsibility for our GitHub repository, and handle pull requests rightly.
  4. Hold or lead activities (e.g., study meetings)to evangelize INTER-Mediator
  5. Run the training of INTER-Mediator with mainly online courses.


Committee Members

Dr. Masayuki Nii (新居 雅行) msyk_nii or masayukinii msyknii

Roles in Committee

Atsushi Matsuo (松尾 篤) matsuo.atsushi matsuo_atsushi

Roles in Committee

Nobuo Hayashi (林 伸夫) nobuoh haya_sann

Roles in Committee

Motofumi Iijima (飯島 基文) motofumii motofumii

Roles in Committee

Miyuki Imaizumi (今泉 みゆき) mi.imaizumi Miyuki_Imaizumi

Roles in Committee

Other policies

History Log